Monday, August 31, 2009


Once she woke up and he was just gone. No obvious explanation.

She pulled out her iPhone checked her first email account; the rest would require using her Dell laptop sitting across the room, charging.

She found his email, read slowly, and finally was able to process the contents.

He was gone.

After a trip to Starbuck's and with a Venti arabica blend in her hand, she set off to walk.

It turned out he wasn't that hard to find.

When she found him, he was brief with her but still affectionate.

Well, in his own way.

"Yes, I'll come back. I need to finish my book, after all."

She accepted it. "What's it about? You never told me."

"Nobody sees it", he said, "but the world.... The world is getting flat."

She just stared at the sky.

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